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Following up on a promise to my wife, and to make it easier to mow, I am burying all feedline and cables. 

A couple of years ago, I got a great deal on some surplus (unused ends 60 to 150' long) of LDF4-50. Needing about 1200 feet for this project, it was easy to decide whether to buy new coax or use the hardline that was on hand. 

From the SPG, just behind the shack, to the 60' Rohn 25 tower, 50' of 3" conduit was used. Three runs of LDF4-50 and control cable were run. 

From the SPG to the 124' Rohn 55 tower, 7 runs of LDF4-50 was direct buried, to feed the 4L40, the 15 meter stack, the 20 meter stack, a 80 meter vertical further out in the yard, and a couple of spares.  Two runs of 3" conduit were then laid in the 125' long trench. This should give plenty of room for control cable and possible future runs.


3 runs LDF + ctl to 70' tower                                    To K9AY loop (now replaced with Hi-Z Triangle)


From 124' tower toward shack                                From shack to 124' tower


Couplings in 3" conduit                                           Connector panel/SPG will be here


Box for control cables mounted to custom plate. Stack Matches will mount here, too

140' run of 3/4 hardline to 80 Inv-L